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  • Raji Krishnamoorthy

Sailing the unknown


In the quiet of the night, I hear a medley of two extremes, the soothing ocean waves juxtaposed with the distant drum of fishermen boats.

Surrounded by an enveloping darkness, these brave souls set their compass to a vast unknown expanse. A realm so alien, it disconnects from the warm sandy cradle waiting ashore.

Storms might rage, tsunamis could swell, sharks may lurk nearby, or the earth beneath them could tremble through the unforgiving sea.

Yet, hope swells in their chest like the sails in the wind, gazing towards the elusive line where sky meets water.

Driven by the belief, they will return at by first light with their nets heavy with the fruits of their labor.

This relentless display of courage by the fishermen stands as an inspiration in our lives. Much like how they navigate the uncertainties of the sea, we too are called to venture into uncharted territories at work.

In these trials, our will is forged, our skills honed, and our inner strength called upon.

Inspired by the fishermen's unwavering spirit, we learn that to confront the unknown is to dance with possibility.

Their daily escapade, born from the alloy of determination and optimism, stands as a beacon, illuminating the rich rewards that lie just beyond the boundaries of the familiar and the safe.

They teach us –by casting nets into the void, the true harvest lies not within the confines of comfort, but in the wild, open expanse where the future is waiting to be discovered.

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