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Build your cyber evidence board with Amazon Security Lake and MITRE ATT&CK Framework

When I envision Sherlock Holmes poring over his evidence board, I do not see a physical board, but rather a modern Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.


A mural inspired story of microservices orchestration in Amazon cloud

I visualized the Veena as a centralized platform to manage all coordination logic and state required for executing business processes or workflows. 


Flavors of standardization in cloud operations

In the realm of cloud computing, we operate within a complex ecosystem of control plane and data plane APIs, the building blocks for resource orchestration. 


Shattered Glass , Vulnerable Data - The neglected art of labeling

As I was reluctantly discarding the cherished gift that had transformed into waste, thoughts swirled in my mind. This incident was more than just a broken container; it was a metaphor for something greater.


An adventure in Amazon Security Lake, a Hogwarts chronicle

In the magical world of Hogwarts, nestled amidst the towering mountains and verdant forests, lay a vast and mystical body of water known as the Amazon Security Lake. 



Step into a day in the life of Meenu and her friends, where she unveils Amazon GuardDuty, the cyber threat detection capability in AWS cloud.


Tale of Undersea Cybersecurity

Inspired by the magical universe of the movie, The Little Mermaid, this fictitious narrative plunges into the deep-sea strategies for navigating cyber threats in the vast ocean of AWS cloud.


From Zero Trust to Circle of Trust

This is a fictitious story of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and his team who apply Zero Trust architecture principles to their AWS cloud architecture and gain their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)’s trust.


Building a self-regulating ecosystem in AWS cloud

Mindy demonstrates how one can automate compliance drift detection and remediate it in AWS Cloud with AWS Config and Amazon EventBridge

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