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  • Raji Krishnamoorthy

A dialogue between an ocean wave and a sail boat

Wave: Sailboat, why do you heave and sigh, as you struggle to keep steady by my side?

Sailboat: Oh, Wave, my friend, at times you're gentle, at times a savage, and I cannot find my balance on this watery course.

Wave: Turn your gaze, Sailboat, to what lies behind; tell me what you see within that vast and boundless shrine.

Sailboat: I see nothing but the grandness and divinity of the ocean, a realm that stretches far and wide, as infinite as the sky.

Wave: Indeed, my friend, we all emerge from this ocean divine, a piece of God.

We could be a whisper, a gentle caress on the shore, or a force of nature, with power to restore.

We could bring forth treasures from the ocean's embrace, feeding shells to the sand birds, or leave destruction on the shore.

Sailboat: Oh, Wave, your wisdom runs deep, like the ocean's endless abyss. You taught me that life is the journey lasting while we find ourselves separate from the ocean. What character, what elegance, is the choice we make.

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